Hair transplant is a procedure preferred by many people who complain about hair fall due to the advanced technologies and increased awareness in the recent years. Serving with the advanced technologies and team of specialists concerning various esthetic and plastic surgery, in particular, hair transplant, in line with scientific data and trends on a global scale, Hair of Istanbul holds an important position in Turkey, one of the countries mostly preferred for hair transplant in the world due to its quality services and higher level of success rates.


  • 24/7 consultancy service
  • Answering all questions about hair transplantation before and after the operation
  • VIP transportation service starting from the arrival and all transfers in Istanbul
  • After-care and strengthening services for natural and transplanted hair
  • Three-day accommodation in five-star hotels
  • All medication to be used after the operation
  • out in the presence of interpreters


Hygiene and Sterilization

In the result of infection after the operation, the new hair follicles will be damaged harshly, thus sterilization is one big major concept in hair transplant operation. Hair of Istanbul is a reliable institution, that serves in accordance to the sterilization rules and hyginie in hospital.

Limited Number of Operations

The Hair of Istanbul team accepts an average number of 4-6 operations per day. Achieving better and high quality results are the main reasons for this limited number. All operations are carried out by a team consisting of 20 specialists. Everyone in this team is trained according to the process and operation stages, and has the authority of hair transplant operation and specialized in the field.

Services on 9 Different Languages

There are 7 interpreters within the body of Hair of Istanbul who are specialized in 9 different languages. Our guide interpreters would be there for you through the whole process from the moment you arrived in Turkey.

Achievement up to 98%

Hair of Istanbul serves with an understanding based on customer satisfaction. The expert team evaluates the problem of baldness of our guests and applies the most appropriate treatment. The success rate of Hair of Istanbul is 98%. The remaining 2% is calculated as the error margin.



In the 19th century, the hair skin was scalped and implanted to the area in need. Modern transplant techniques were first introduced in Japan around 1930s on eyebrows and eyelashes, but this method has not been applied in hair transplant operations. After the second world war, Japan has been isolated, thus for several decades the world had not been aware of these studies. The first hair transplantation in modern age was made in 1950s on male subjects in New York. It was fairly widespread that transplanted hair would not grow in its natural form before those operations. However, in these studies, the hair developed in its natural form and appeared to be stretched. There have been various studies and practices on hair transplantation for 30 years, but generally positive results haven’t been achieved. In the 1980s small-scale studies were tried in Brazil and news of new methods began to spread around the world. With the micro-surgical method in the USA, thousands of hair roots could have been taken and transplanted in one time, thus now the idea of having a hair transplant​​ has been increased

The FUE Method was introduced in the medical world thanks to the 1mm punches developed in Japan in 1988 and took place in medical literature in 2002.

Since 1999 FUT Method has been started to be applied in hair transplant operations in Turkey. The method was involved in the medical literature in 2002.

Hair of Istanbul brand with the aim of bringing a new dimension and breath to hair transplanting practices with Adem Köse and M. Fatih Akdemir. Since the year 2014, Hair of Istanbul has succeeded in capturing high naturalness and density in hair transplant operations with their own methods and practices. With an average of 3,500 successful operations between years 2012-2014, demand has begun to be heard from all around the world. The founders of Hair of Istanbul have organized trainings on how to get the greatest result with FUE technique

Hair of Istanbul has announced its success all over the world, starting with England, Brazil, Switzerland, USA, Germany, Australia, France, Ireland, Netherlands and Italy by offering benefits such as interpreters, accommodation and transportation in addition to the operation.


Dermo-Calm is specially designed for sensitive hair skins. Reducing the burn, itchiness, tingling, redness, etc. as well as helping to soothe and hydrate hair.

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