About Hair of Istanbul

Hair of Istanbul

Hair transplant is a procedure preferred by many people who complain about hair fall due to the advanced technologies and increased awareness in the recent years.

Serving with the advanced technologies and team of specialists concerning various esthetic and plastic surgery, in particular, hair transplant, in line with scientific data and trends on a global scale, Hair of Istanbul holds an important position in Turkey, one of the countries mostly preferred for hair transplant in the world due to its quality services and higher level of success rates.

Operating in Istanbul, the center of these procedures in Turkey with its experience of 10 years, Hair of Istanbul attaches great importance to customer satisfaction and business quality and, provide great services that make its customers happy and that are exampled at the sector.

Here are some special services you would enjoy if you prefer Hair of Istanbul, which never compromises on the respective international standards of service and quality and, which always protects the rights of its customers:

  • Consulting at 24/7,
  • Detailed information concerning hair transplant – before and after the operation,
  • Special welcoming service at airport
  • Hair care and enhancement after the hair transplant operation,
  • Three-day accommodation at a five-star hotel,
  • Free access to medicine that needs to be taken after the hair transplant…