Care After Hair Transplant

Recovery Period and Care after Hair Transplant

It is very important as a factor that directly affects the success of the operation that the patient strictly acts and arranges its life style in accordance with the rules as set forth by the doctor during the period after the hair plant procedure. The process after the hair transplant procedure during which the patient should be carefully monitored for about 6 months could be analyzed on daily, weekly and monthly periods.

The First 3 Days

During the first 3 days that are the most critical period after the hair transplant procedure, the patient is mostly advised to rest at home lying back. Any pain that may be experienced during the first 2 or 3 days after the effect of the local anesthesia applied during the hair transplant procedure goes down could be eased by means of taking pain killers under the control of a doctor. At the end of the first 3 days, while no water and chemical should touch the head, the patient may wash their hair for the first time under the supervision of the doctor. During the recovery period, the patient should wash their hair as instructed by the doctor and, use only the types of shampoo, serum or similar care products prescribed by the doctor.

The First Week

During the first week, the patient should avoid heavy work, stress, sports, excessive excitement, sexual intercourse, smoking and alcohol, which could increase the blood circulation, protect their heads from any trauma and not use accessories such as hats, berets etc. After the hair transplant procedure, the area where the hair is transplanted should be kept open without dressing in order to facilitate the skin to form scabs. It takes about a few days after the operation for these scabs to disappear, while it takes up to one week for the scabs on the area, where the hair is transplanted. During the first week of the recovery period, these scabs on the transplantation area could look like scotches. This look will disappear when the scabs start to remove during a period of about 10 to 15 days.

The First 1 Month

The time period from the second week of the hair transplant procedure to the second month thereof is generally the period when the transplanted hair starts to fall out. During this period called shock falls, it is expected that the most of the hair follicles fall out during the first month and, the remaining fall out at certain intervals for a period of 6 months depending on the metabolism of the patient. Since the skin will remain sensitive during this process, the patient should avoid tiresome activities such as running, exercising etc. as well as wetted areas such as sea. The patient should avoid scratching their head in case of itching that may be experienced on the transplantation area during this period.

The First 3 Months

After the hair follicles that fall out during the first month, the hair start to gradually regrow at the end of the first 3 months. Hair mesotherapy, PRP and other applications to reinforce the hair roots may be applied during this period.

During the period up to 6 months from the time the hair starts to regrow, the hair will reach the natural length. 80% of the hair will regrow during the first 6 months and, the remaining will continue to grow in a healthy manner for a period of 1 year.