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Eyebrows Transplantation with FUE Technique

Eyebrows that affect not only the general appearance of the face, but also the looks and gestures of a person play an important role for both men and women to have a unique identity of their facial expression.

Eyebrows transplantation is developed to make the eyebrow, the lack or thinning of which could cause self-confidence problem and depression for a person is a popular procedure that delivers a permanent and efficient solution for the lack of eyebrow for patients.

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How is Eyebrow Transplant Done?

Eyebrows Transplantation performed using the FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) technique is a procedure during which the hair follicles, which are collected together with the tissues thereof one by one from the donor area that is usually the back of the neck using precise tools called micro motors, are transplanted to the area, where there is no or thinning eyebrow, one by one.

The most important point that needs to be taken into consideration in respect of the eyebrow transplant that could be performed using local anesthesia without any surgical intervention in about 3 to 4 hours is the accurate identification of the angle of the transplanted follicles.

In order to avoid any hair grown in the opposite direction or irregularly, the follicles should be transplanted in the natural growing direction in accordance with the eyebrow shape desired by the patient.

Here are the stages of an eyebrow transplant operation:

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Stage 1 – Local Anesthesia & Extraction of Hair Follicles

After the detection of the areas where the hair follicles are to be collected and transplanted, the donor area are anesthetized by means of micro needles or special pens.

After this anesthesia that takes about 2 to 4 minutes, the hair follicles are collected from the donor area using the FUE micro motors in the groups each with one, two or multiple follicles together with the tissues thereof.

The hair follicles collected are counted and, placed into special solutions to make them ready for transplant. It takes about 1 to 3 hours to complete this stage.

Stage 2- Opening Grooves for Transplant

The materials to be used during the FUE hair transplant are identified according to the thickness, number and length of the hair follicles collected from the donor area.

Grooves are opened on the area, where the hair follicles collected to be transplanted.

It takes about 45 to 90 minutes to complete this stage.

Stage 3 – Transplant Procedure

After a short break, the hair transplant procedure starts at this stage.

The hair follicles collected from the donor area are taken from the solutions and, transplanted into the grooves on the area defined for the hair transplant.

After the completion of this procedure, a PRP procedure is applied on the patient (a procedure that feeds the skin and, takes an important part for the recovery).

It takes about 2 to 3 hours to complete this stage.

To avoid any infection on the respective area after the operation and facilitate the recovery period, a dressing is applied on the transplant area to cover it on the day after.

We kindly invite you to watch the video about hair transplant experience of our guests step by step;

Hair Transplantation Care

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