Frequently Asked Questions

How many thousands of grafts are planted and what is the price range?

Pricing of hair transplantation is not depended to the number of grafts, our experts will offer you a suitable price after seeing the pictures of your head. The evaluation of our doctors and experts will bring out the satisfactory number of grafts to be transplanted.

According to what is the hairline determined?

Your hairline should start at the final point of the muscles, which move when you lift your eyebrows up. It is not recommended to transplant hair on top of the muscles.

When do the transplanted hair strands start to grow?

The transplanted hair strands grow and fall out within the first month after the operation. They start to regrow after 3 months, and the completion of the growing process takes apprx. 6 to 12 months following the date of operation. This process may vary from patient to patient.

Are there any drawbacks on dyeing my hair after transplantation?

It is inconvenient to dye your hair in 5-6 months after the transplantation, because the chemicals inside of hair dyes affect the growth process negatively. It is recommended to use hair dye and cosmetics after 6 month period.

Will I feel pain during and after the operation?

Pain can only be felt, when the local anesthesia is performed; however, this pain is not compelling. Due to the local anesthesia before the operation, you will have no pain during and after the operation.

How long does the hair transplant operation last?

The operation takes approximately 4 to 6 hours, the duration depends on the hair quality and the number of hair strands.

What should I do if I experience any problems after the operataion?

Our doctor and specialist team has successfully completed over 8000 operations and have not encountered any problems. Nevertheless, in any occasion of a problem, you can reach our team 24/7 via mobile or e-mail. You are always welcome to our clinic also to take information about procedures and the operation

Are there vitamins or medications that can provide a healthier lengthening of my hair after operation?

The grafts to be taken during the operation is being analyzed and the medicine or vitamins are recommended.

Do we have to take any tests before the operation?

Pre-operation HIV, HbSAG, HCV Hemogram (CT) tests are recommended by doctors.

Is it possible to transfer hair from another person?

Theoretically it is possible if your skin tissues are the same, but such an operation is not done.

What are the obstacles to the operation?

HIV, hepatitis, such infectious diseases are an obstacle. Otherwise, if you have heart disease, operation is again obstructed.

Do you include the plane you gave the plane?

No, the plane ticket should be bought by our guests.

Do we need to pay a deposit?

Our clinicdoes not require a deposit from abroad guests in any way. Your copy of your flight ticket and your details are enough for your appointment.