Reasons of Hair Fall

Hair fall (alopecia) that may be experienced by people at certain periods and recovered or that may result in hair loss becomes an important situation that need to be responded to when this hair fall exceeds the limit of 100-150 hair follicles a day.

In order to deliver positive results from the respective treatment methods to be followed, the reason and type the hair fall should be accurately identified.

There are two types of hair fall: female type hair fall and male type hair fall.

The male type hair fall is characterized by hair fall that starts from the top of the head and reaches the receding hair from the forehead, while the female type hair fall is characterized by thinning hair without any certain point where there is a dense amount of hair fall.

Hair transplant delivers a better result from a hair transplant operation in case of a male type hair fall, while it would be better to apply vitamins and solutions as well as mesotherapy for female type hair fall since a hair transplant procedure would not provide the desired result.



The most important reason for hair falls is genetic factors that represents a percentage of 75%.

If there are family members who suffer hair loss due to hair fall, then other members are genetically at the risk of hair fall whether they are men or women.

This hair fall unavoidably results in hair loss and, hair transplant is the exact solution.



Intense stress experienced due to different reasons may also cause sudden or progressive hair losses.

To avoid such types of hair falls, the only way is get over the stress.

A professional support or other methods for individual relaxation such as mediation could be a solution to apply for.

Alopecia Areata:

Alopecia Areata that is an immune system disease is the type of hair fall on different regions of the head in the different sizes and in a circular area.

It takes about 1 year to treat this disease by means of increasing the resistance of the body thanks to some dermatological assistance.

Hair Transplantation Care

Thyroid Hormones:

 Hair falls may also be the result of the situations where the level of thyroid hormones is too much or too little.

After a hormone therapy, the hair fall rate slows down and, the hair will look normal again.

Diet and Malnutrition:

Sudden weight losses due to wrong diets followed and fasting for long periods during this process are the factors that trigger hair fall.

In addition, intake of too much vitamin A and carbohydrate as a result of malnutrition and, lack of iron and protein are the factors that speed up the hair falls.

Chemical Hair Products:

Cosmetic materials such as hair dye, dye remover, shampoo that contains toxic chemicals harm the hair structure and may cause hair falls or speed up the progress thereof.

Using natural products for hair care would eliminate this problem.

Skin Diseases:

Skin diseases such as cutaneous disease, eczema, folliculitis etc. may also cause hair falls.

Hair fall would stop when such skin diseases are treated.

Hair Transplantation Care

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