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Scar Treatment

Scars are happen when the skin integrity is deformed during the recovery of wounds caused by;

  • Skin diseases,
  • Accidents,
  • Surgical operations,
  • Burns and many other factors are considered some details that demoralize the respective person due to a bad appearance on the body.

Today, a surgical method called scar revision or scar treatment is used to treat such scars that may be at such size that limits the movements of a person and thus cause some serious health problems.

Although it is not always possible to completely remove such scars, it is possible to use this treatment to minimize the visibility or the size of the scar or soften the skin hardness if any.

Treatable Types of Scars

Each scar may be different from one another.

The definition of a scar is based on some different factors such as;

  • How it happened,
  • Size and depth of the scar,
  • Blood build-up degree
  • Genetic characteristics and metabolism of the respective person.

Accordingly, the scars may be classified into four categories;

  1. Keloid,
  2. Contracture,
  3. Hypertrophic scar,
  4. Scars caused by sharp object’s.

1. Keloid

Keloid happens when the body continues to produce the cells that it has produced to heal the wound after it has been healed.

It is possible to minimize the keloid appearing in the form of rash and swell exceeding the wound edges by means of methods such as;

  • Cortisone therapy,
  • Steroid therapy,
  • Radiotherapy under local anesthesia.

2. Contracture

Skin is contracts during the self-healing process due to burns or tissue losses. 

This is the cause of Contracture.

These types of scars that one with them may feel pain when they move could be eased by means of scare treatments such as tissue transfers or change of the tissue direction.

3. Hypertrophic Scar

This situation that have the same characteristics as keloid but it does not exceed the wound edges is defined as linear hypertrophic scars and widespread hypertrophic scars.

A linear hypertrophic scar happens as a result of a trauma after an operation, a widespread hypertrophic scar happens due to hypertrophic burns. It is possible to treat such types of scars with cortisone and steroid therapies.

4. Scars Caused by Sharp Object

These are such scars that happen due to sharp objects such as razor blade, knife etc. and that may cause itching and swelling from time to time.

Grafting is the most popular scar revision procedure to treat these types of scars.

We are hereby provide healing for most of the scars, you may contact our Doctor for FREE examining and advices. 

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